In the Penal Colony

Demonstration promo for Philip Glass’s opera In the Penal Colony. Based on a Franz Kafka story about a torture machine that carves a prisoner’s offences into his skin … Cog machinery completely computer generated. (Video presented here with no soundtrack due to licensing issues)

Pieces from a Larger Puzzle

Short promo for the exhibition at the Los Angeles Cultural Institute in 2010, celebrating the work of designer Gaetano Pesce..

BLC Awards presentation set

Fly around of 3D model showing seating layout for an awards event at Cardiff’s Pierhead building.

1000 Lives Plus Logo

Animated logo for 1000 Lives Plus public health campaign.

Christmas Greetings

Animated christmas card.

Dancing iPhones

Computer generated iPhones and a video dancer.

House of the Gods

Experimental trailer for the opera House of the Gods.

iPhone Flowers

Motion graphics sample with CGI phone and animated flowers.

Exhibition Stand

Flyaround of 3D visual of exhibition stand design.

25th Anniversary

Sting for 25th anniversary celebrations at Design Stage.

Brand Development Project

This branding exercise was commissioned by ITV Wales to feature in the relaunch edition of their Waterfront politics programme. The design takes the three triangles from the original Plaid Cymru logo and turns them into dragons’ wings. The award winning composer John Hardy provided the music track for this.